18 Little-Known Gun Facts That Prove That Guns Make Us Safer


Glock - Photo by SoCalBrandon

By Michael Snyder

The American people deserve to know the truth about gun control.  Passing strict gun control laws will not make us all safer.  In fact, as you will read about below, even a study conducted at Harvard found that the more guns a nation has the less crime it tends to have.  In other words, there is a very strong positive correlation between more guns and less crime.  This is the exact opposite of what the mainstream media would have us believe, but it makes sense.  You see, the reality is that criminals really, really, really don’t want to get shot.  When you pass strict gun control laws, you take the fear of getting shot away and criminals tend to flourish.  Just look at what is going on in America today.  The places with the highest crime rates are the major cities where strict gun control laws…

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Slow Transition to Winter in Northeast; Quick in Midwest


As summertime nears its end, fall is just around the corner. The transition will be a mild one for the Northeast into November, while their neighbors in the Midwest and Ohio Valley will be in for a early frost/freeze and some snow.

Meanwhile, rain will continue to pound the Southeast and Gulf Coast, where a flood risk remains over the coming months. Conversely, prolonged dry periods may lead to more warmth and extend the fire season across California.

A breakdown of the entire fall 2013 forecast can be found below.

JUMP TO: Mild Nights to Ease Season Transition for Northeast| Early Season Cold Blast for Northern Plains; Midwest to Get Early Frost/Freeze | Southeast Flood Woes Continue | Secondary Severe Weather Season Kicks Off in South | A Dry Southwest; Extended Fire Threat for California | Tropical Threat to Linger Beyond Typical Season

Mild Nights to Ease Season Transition…

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Embrace Your Inner Pirate: 5 Important Considerations for your Survival Cache


Embrace Your Inner Pirate: 5 Important Considerations for your Survival Cache

By P. Henry – The Prepper Journal

If the world goes to hell in a hand basket you may wish at some point that you had hidden supplies or items that you don’t want found. What if there are confiscations of gold like there were back in 30’s when President Roosevelt signed Executive Order 6102? What if you have a simple home robbery? What if you are forced to evacuate without enough time or the ability to take all of your valuables with you? What if there is a relatively normal “Natural Disaster” that blows your house away with all of your stuff?

These are all compelling reasons to plan for and create your own Survival Cache. A survival Cache (pronounced like Cash) is just a fancy sounding word for a hiding spot. Preppers for years have been devising new ways to bury items that they may need. Actually…

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United States officially enters the twilight zone as a Colorado town prepares to hold a vote on issuing drone hunting licenses


US Navy handout photo of a RQ-4 Global Hawk drone over Naval Air Station Patuxent River

We are really far down the rabbit hole man. This story is just so bizarre that it will doubtless leave your head spinning but the most bizarre thing is that it’s not even a joke. We now live in a country where citizens are voting on whether or not they should issue hunting licenses and pay a reward for anyone able to prove that they shot down an object with “identifiable parts of an unmanned aerial vehicle whose markings and configuration are consistent with those used on any similar craft known to be owned or operated by the United States federal government.”

Philip Steel is the man behind the ordinance. He wore a black hat and a long black coat when he spoke with Amanda Kost at Denver’s ABC affiliate. Although he has never seen a drone above the town, he wants to pass this “very symbolic” legislation. “I don’t…

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The Sports Archives – Bag More Ducks By Avoiding Bad Shooting Habits!

The Sports Archives Blog

Duck HuntingMany hunters standing in cold deep brush peer through leafy branches from inside a makeshift blind, waiting for hours with the taste of roast duck in the back of their minds. As they wait to take their shot, they may see their “dinner” out in the distance well beyond the range of the shotgun.

As the birds begin descending through the canopy they can quickly make their way to a location within range. Once a group of ducks enters the ideal pattern of the shooters’ guns, the hunters will quickly begin firing away. Missing the first shot, they will re-aim and fire twice more. Only then do they realize they have succumbed to bad shooting habits, missing their target all three times.

Correcting through Self-Analysis

Through self-analysis there is an effective way to understand exactly what went wrong. More than likely, they are a victim of one of the following…

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How To Convert Crock-Pot Cooking to Dutch Oven Perfection


How To Convert Crock-Pot Cooking to Dutch Oven Perfection

By: Rick Mansfield

Slow cookers are wonderful things. Of course where I grew up, we simply called them “Crock Pots.” But since that’s a trademarked brand name, they are usually referred to as “slow cookers” when speaking of the devices generically. They are great for cooking an entire meal by planning a few hours ahead. Just throw in the ingredients, set the temperature, and let it go. However, as any cast iron aficionado will understand, sometimes you just prefer to break out the black iron.

And as any experienced cast iron cook knows, you don’t really need special cookbooks geared to cast iron cookware–although they are certainly nice to have. In reality, most recipes (with a few exceptions) can be cooked in cast iron. This is especially true of slow cooker recipes since a slow cooker is really nothing more than an electric dutch oven if you think about it…

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