Part of being a hunter is respect for th

Part of being a hunter is respect for the land and wildlife. What do you do to keep the outdoors from being ruined?


Wife: “Where Did My Husband Go?” And Other Thoughts on Deer Season.

Backyard Deer 1

For those of you new to, those that may have become followers because of my posts about parenting, fishing, camping, canoeing, or spending time in the backwoods, I owe you an explanation for what is about to happen on  You see, something changes in me every fall.  To most easily describe this transformation, let me provide you with a conversation between my wife and I when we first awoke yesterday.

Duncan:  Woah!  That dream was so intense.

Wife:  What were you dreaming about?

Duncan:  I don’t remember.  I don’t know what anyone was saying or doing.  All I can remember seeing or hearing were deer, and lots of them.

Wife:  So, it wasn’t that different than hunting season.

What happens is that I become obsessed.  I see deer beside the road.  I see them in my backyard.  I see them when I’m out hiking.  Good grief, I even…

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Training Pointing Dogs 101

Outdoor Living in New England

pointerDo you think your pointing dog has talent?

Perhaps Rover just needs a refresher course.

Well, Rhode Island’s Division of Fish & Wildlife will offer a “Training Pointing Dogs 101” workshop Sunday, Sept. 8 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the dog training area in Arcadia Management Area in Exeter, RI. The free event is being presented by state’s hunter education program in conjunction with the South County Field Trial Club and Purina.

Topics that will be covered during the 6-hour workshop include purchasing the right dog for your needs; training techniques for pointing, backing and retrieving; proper equipment; care and conditioning; problem solving; and hunting and field trial opportunities.

The program is open to all interested participants, and it is not necessary to bring a dog to the workshop. Individuals who do not currently own a dog, but are interested in getting a dog in the future, are…

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Catch More Fish With These Great Fishing Tips

Boilie Baiting Using Throwing Sticks

Tzaneen Dam

This dam is roughly 1,163,6 hectares big and holds around 157 million cubic of waters. After being built in 1976 as an irrigation supply to farms, the dam has sprung into majestic beauty for the angler and his whole family alike.
The Tzaneen Dam is situated just outside the town of Tzaneen in Limpopo and is under management of the Department of Water Affairs. The main water supply to this dam comes from both the Ramadiepa and the Groot Letaba rivers. Although the dam is actually man made, it melts into nature so perfectly that one would think it was part of nature, a natural lake. For more fishing info on the Tzaneen Dam visit the official site.


Fishing Tackle – What Is It?

Fishing tackle is something that has various sources of products that are all used when fishing. The various tackle that is ready…

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How to Save Money Every Time You Shoot


How to Save Money Every Time You Shoot

By Guest Contributor

Going to the range and shooting does different things for different people.  A vast majority of the time (it should be always) we go to the range with the intention of keeping those perishable shooting skills frosty and at an increased level of readiness.  But there are those times where we just want to burn off some steam and destroy something without the threat of being arrested.  There’s nothing like making small explosions happen repeatedly, well unless you’re a SEAL or on an EOD team then you get to make ginormous explosions all the time and save the free world from terrorists and pirates.  For me shooting is simply Zen.  It sounds ridiculous to some people, but no matter what’s going on around me I’m in control of my physical movements and mental process as I manipulate that trigger to the rear and make my gun do…

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Bonefish, Tarpon Get Special Protection This Fall

CBS Miami

TALLAHASSEE (CBSMiami/AP) – Beginning this September, there are some new rules anglers will have to be aware of when they are stalking bonefish on the flats or casting for tarpon off the coast.

As of September first, both bonefish and tarpon will be become catch-and-release only.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission said the catch-and-release proposal, which was approved last June, was needed because the economic and fishing values of bonefish and tarpon greatly exceed their value as food.

When the new law goes into effect, possession of a single tarpon will be allowed in state and federal waters off Florida only when in pursuit of an International Game Fish Association record. Tarpon 40 inches or more must stay in the water at all times. FWC staff determined that larger fish are harmed if withdrawn from the supporting waters.

Officials have also eliminated the bonefish tournament exemption, which allowed…

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