Wife: “Where Did My Husband Go?” And Other Thoughts on Deer Season.


Backyard Deer 1

For those of you new to SmoothingIt.com, those that may have become followers because of my posts about parenting, fishing, camping, canoeing, or spending time in the backwoods, I owe you an explanation for what is about to happen on SmoothingIt.com.  You see, something changes in me every fall.  To most easily describe this transformation, let me provide you with a conversation between my wife and I when we first awoke yesterday.

Duncan:  Woah!  That dream was so intense.

Wife:  What were you dreaming about?

Duncan:  I don’t remember.  I don’t know what anyone was saying or doing.  All I can remember seeing or hearing were deer, and lots of them.

Wife:  So, it wasn’t that different than hunting season.

What happens is that I become obsessed.  I see deer beside the road.  I see them in my backyard.  I see them when I’m out hiking.  Good grief, I even…

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