Marlin Jumps Into Boat [VIDEO]

Jack Seattle FM

Some fisherman just get lucky and don’t have to do much of the work… the fish just come to them. That was the case aboard this boat off the coast of the Dominican Repubic. The guys were trying to reel in a giant 350-pound blue marlin when it unexpectedly flew out of the water into the boat. It came with such force it knocked over one of the fisherman, and by the looks of it, may have impaled him if he’d been standing just a bit to his left.

The guys aren’t actually talking to each other, but JACK imagines the conversation could have gone something like this…

Dude 1:  Oh man, we’re getting a big one!

Dude 2: You got it?

Dude 1: Ya, I got it! Man she’s a fighter!

Dude 2: You sure you got it??

Dude 1: Oh s*@&! Sorry dude! You ok?

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