Fly Fishing Tips and Tricks

Tips & Tricks for using our products.

Everyone trying to catch a fish wants to maximise their chances.

Now… you will notice that when a fine length of monofilament lands on the water, it usually floats on the surface.

The surface tension of the water keeps it there.

In clear water and on a bright day the curved meniscus will refract the light and make the line stand out as blindingly obvious to a Trout or Salmon

Apply a tiny amount of Stormsure Tippet Sinkant Liquid to the monofilament tippet before casting the fly and it will cause the tippet to break through the surface tension so it instantly sinks under the surface of the water preventing any diffraction of light which is so visible to the fish.

This seems like a very basic solution, but it works, and if it means catching a fish or not catching a fish, I believe it’s worth a try.


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