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Lake Huron Brown Trout Program Scrapped

The Outdoor Journal

By Howard Meyerson

ROGERS CITY, MI –  Five years into a 6-year experiment to determine whether the Lake Huron brown trout fishery can be restored – by stocking the lake with large hatchery-raised yearlings – state fisheries managers have concluded it’s time to cut bait.

“It isn’t working,” said Todd Grischke, Lake Huron basin coordinator for the Michigan DNR. “We will not be moving forward with the fall-yearling program in the future.”

Support for that conclusion was nearly unanimous among members of the state’s Lake Huron Citizens Advisory Committee, a group of anglers convened by the DNR, which was presented with the study findings in June.

“It’s always hard to say it doesn’t work; let’s move on,” said Frank Krist, an angler from Rogers City and the committee chairman. “But people could see it wasn’t working. It’s better that we look to other areas and see how that hatchery space…

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Small town proposes new hunting license for shooting down US government drones


A small Colorado town has proposed a new ordinance that will place bounties on U.S. Government aerial drones (UAV), and willing hunters will be rewarded handsomely for their work in the field.   Phillip Steel of Deer Trail, Colorado has proposed a new local law which will allow locals to… – http://ignitearts.org/small-town-proposes-new-hunting-license-for-shooting-down-us-government-drones/

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Poor man’s quad project… Part 2.

Flick and Fly Journal

Part one– We decide to build ourselves bamboo rods

Lee picks up some cane and gets some much needed advice from an expert

After Hamish’s infectious enthusiasm to build a PMQ got the better of me, the first thing we needed was cane. I googled tonkin cane, full of expectations of cheap bundles being sent directly to my door. I searched and searched, but all I could find was the opportunity to buy a shipping container full of the stuff, which, despite being attractive to me, was not really practical for a number of logistical, financial, marital and biosecurity-related reasons.

Hamish had also done some research, and in his true pragmatic style had emailed a local bamboo flyrod maker to see if he could part with a few bits of cane. Enter Nick Taransky. Nick has been building rods for a few decades, and is the perfect person to…

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