Cool things I’ve seen while fishing

Flick and Fly Journal

One of the great things about fishing is the fact that you’re often moving slowly and methodically through a particular environment. Be it walking along a beach, drifting across the estuary or wading up a stream, fishing forces you to slow down and observe what is happening around you. It differs from other activities, such as walking or riding, in that you often spend a few minutes, even hours, in a particular spot. Because of this, you tend to see some amazing things. It’s partly because of this extra time to observe, but also because you’re actively looking for things around you. In this post, I wanted to share some of the cool things I’ve seen while fishing.

Many of the coolest things I’ve seen relate to wildlife. Because you are treading quietly and carefully, it seems that the animals around you forget that you’re there. I remember wading through…

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