Winter camping warmers


As crazy as it sounds, we love camping in winter. There are so many reasons to venture into the outdoors in the cooler months:

  • No crowds, there is heaps of room and you don’t have to fight for the best position.
  • No sunburn, endless hours in the hot summer sun can be unbearable when there is no cool relief.
  • Low or no cost, most bush camping is free or very low cost in the cooler months.
  • Early evenings, I’m always knackered at the end of the day when camping, the early onset of the night makes it easier to fall into bed.
  • Snuggling, if you’re going with your true love, cuddling up at the end of the day to keep warm is fun and romantic.
  • Sitting by the fire, you can have a fire summer or winter, but in winter, its lovely to sit right close by and toast those…

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